The Bengal-cat breed was created by crossing an Asian Leopard with a domestic cat. They have the look of a wild
cat despite being a domestic cat. In the beginning, the male Bengal-cats were sterile so they could not mate with
the female Bengal-cats, who were able to get kitties, and it was the case with all male hybrids. The breed
“Bengal” was first registered in the 1983s on TICA, and in 1999, at FIF, have been recognized as a breed.
Bengal cats are very social, gets along well with other pets, but they do not like to be alone. These cats are
very active, playful, curious and intelligent. They love to play with water, to climb everywhere and to jump
obstacles. They love to climb to the highest point of e.g. a scratcher. Because of its natural instincts, they
are constantly in motion, so that is why they should not be kept in a small apartment or left alone. They love to
be involved in an activity with their owner. Their sound, what they produce, is also interesting. They do not
only growl and howl like most cats, but they are chirping, like birds do. If you want this cat for your pet,
sure, but keep in mind their strong personality, confidence and openness. Bengal-cats likes to play and go on to
an adventure, so if you want peace and quietness, this cat is not for you, because they need a lot of interaction
and activeness.
Their hair are short, but very soft, silky and bright. They come in several colours:

The Bengal-Cats are medium-sized, muscular and have a short neck. Their tail is thick and medium length. Their
ears are small, short and widely spaced. Their eyes are oval, and mostly they are blue or green.