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We live in the northwest of Croatia, in Šenkovec, a suburb of Čakovec.
My Bengal-Cat is registered at the FIF, and I joined the Feline Society Zagreb.
From an early age I grew up with dogs and cats and cannot imagine life without them. In the beginning they were ordinary domestic cats and various breeds of dogs. Later we acquired a castrated Persian cat. And I love them all. After a while, I fell in love with Bengal-cats, or “mini leopards”, because of its wild appearance and character. The decision was clear, I wanted to have a Bengal-cat! And I bought her (Chanel) in Austria. Since then my life has not been the same. It became more interesting every day and I like watching her transform into a real “wild cat”.
I own 2 cats and 10 dogs, and I am a certified dog groomer, because I love to make animals look great and beautiful.